Israel applauds Fiji’s decision to open Embassy in Israel


In a significant development, Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has expressed his delight on Monday over Fiji’s decision to open its first embassy in Israel this year.

This move, according to Cohen, will mark the establishment of the 98th embassy in Israel. The Fijian government’s decision, which garnered broad political support, aims to enhance and maintain “amicable relations” with Israel.

Cohen conveyed his congratulations to the government of Fiji for making this important decision, which will further strengthen and deepen the bilateral relations between the two countries.

He also acknowledged Fiji’s consistent support for Israel in the international arena, emphasising their status as a true friend.

Cohen sees the opening of the Fijian embassy as a significant step towards Israel’s goal of reaching 100 embassies.

Located in the Pacific Ocean east of Australia, Fiji is an island country with a population of approximately 950,000. In recent years, Fiji and Israel have fostered closer ties in areas such as agriculture, peace, and security.

This news follows Papua New Guinea’s announcement in February of its intention to establish an embassy in Jerusalem. The process is expected to commence this year and would mark the country’s first representation in Israel.

The growing number of nations establishing embassies highlights the expanding diplomatic relations and increased global recognition of Israel.