Fiji Rugby Union interim chairperson Peter Mazey has confirmed Rugby House owes Fijiana 15s players $600 (US$300) each for taking part at the Women’s Rugby World Cup in November last year.

As claimed by some Fijiana players on social media lately, Mazey said investigations proved the players were owed money.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the FRU said all dues to players had been settled. According to Mazey, the FRU trustees investigated claims raised by Fijiana 15s captain Sereima Leweniqila on the issue of non-payment of allowances in a Facebook Post on Tuesday.

“Sereima (Leweniqila) told me about the $600 (US$300)balance per player from the World Cup and I have investigated it, and that is quite correct,” said Mazey.

“That I will confirm as an outstanding amount due to every World Cup girl, $600(US$300) each. The World Cup balance will be paid as soon as we can arrange any funding.

” Mazey said after speaking with the Fijiana captain, it appeared the players were told by team officials that they would be paid $300 per day for their trip to the Oceania Women’s Championship last month in Australia.

Mazey says he will meet the FRU trustees next week, where a representation from the players is also expected to sort out matters.

“We realise there have been errors and problems in the past. We are not there to really look at the past. We are there to sort it out and move ahead,” he said.