It’s a journey that has been nothing short of extraordinary and Thursday the Fijiana Drua side were given their spoils.

Facing financial hardships during the season, the champions transformed adversity into motivation, and standing by them again to show their appreciation was their loyal sponsor, Rooster Chicken.

During the cheque presentation of $80,000 (US$40,000) in Ba, Drua captain Bitila Tawake said they are humbled by the continuous support shown to the team during the challenging season.

“It means a lot to the girls that Rooster Chicken is sponsoring us and having a bonus is a bonus to us and it means a lot to the players. Our sponsors never stop believing in us despite our three losses and coming out in the semi-finals. I think that’s when we saw who was right by our side when things got tough.”

Their remarkable story of resilience and human interest captured the hearts of fans, as they proved that determination and unity can conquer any obstacle as they won back-to-back Super W titles.

As a small token of appreciation, the team was hosted to lunch at the Rooster Chicken HQ in Ba and presented with goodies.

Rooster Chicken Chief Executive, Stanley Raniga said this was also an opportune time for staff to mingle, get to know their champs and take pictures with their heroes.

Raniga stresses the team deserves such accolades.

“Very proud, they have done well, they have done wonders, they deserve all the appreciation, applause, recognition they are getting and we are just enjoying the moment.”

He also mentioned that the payout had been directed to the Fiji Rugby Union.

All players and officials will equally share the bonus payout.

The victorious Fijiana Drua side are expected to be back in camp this Sunday after taking a few days off to be with their families.