The Fijian Media Association (FMA) is calling on journalists to fearlessly pursue the truth and demand transparency from those in positions of authority.

Emphasising the theme of this year’s World Press Freedom Day, which focuses on the critical role of free expression in promoting democracy and informing the public, the association stresses the vital importance of objective and accurate reporting on issues that impact people’s lives.

FMA General Secretary, Stanley Simpson, has challenged journalists to be bold during press conferences and interviews.

“My message is get bolder, we need to be bold. I think still there is some hesitancy. I see it in press conferences, I see it in the doorsteps, we are still holding back from asking the hard questions. There’s still an element of fear, maybe some lamu still there, that’s fine you know sometimes we hesitate but we got to put ourselves out there.”

Meanwhile, Communications Fiji Limited News Director, Vijay Narayan, has reminded media personnel of their significant role in society.

“One of the big things for us is with MIDA Act now repealed is that we need to get out of our comfort zone and really get into issues that you may have felt that you could not get into that arena because of certain risks involved. Those risks are no longer there.”

However, Chief of Staff at The Fiji Times, Margaret Wise highlighted that accessing information remains an issue, despite the repeal of the MIDA Act 2010.

She emphasises that media freedom is having unlimited access to information.

Wise has called on the FMA to push for the Freedom of Information Act to be moved to Parliament, as it is also in the Constitution.

Today serves as a reminder of the significant strides that Fijian journalists have achieved so far, as well as the continuing need to address the challenges that lie ahead.