Fiji’s Attorney-General Siromi Turaga has confirmed the dismissal of the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) board and that the action had been taken in terms to the finding of irregularities in the union’s current operations.

Turaga made the revelations after a meeting with the FRU this week, actions had been taken.

“Following my meeting with the FRU Board of directors, those in attendance have acknowledged by consensus to resign voluntarily while absent directors will resign by flying minute,” Turaga said in the statement.

The statement furthered that the 2018 constitution being used by the FRU Board is not registered under the Charitable Trust Act, nor at the Registry of Titles, and is therefore illegal.

“FRU is being run by its board using the articles of association of the FRU Company, which is illegal for charitable trusts.

“There is no link between the Fiji Rugby Football Union Trust Board (the charitable trust) and the Fiji Rugby Union Pte Limited (the company limited by guarantees) for the governing instrument of one to apply to the other, and vice-versa.

“As the Minister for Justice, I can confirm that I have exercised my powers under Section 13B of the Charitable Trusts Act of 1945.”

“In light of these anomalies, I informed the FRU board of directors that under the laws of Fiji, the FRU will need to regularise and legalise its status as a charitable trust to be consistent with the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1945.

“Until and unless the status of FRU as a charitable body is regularised, the AGM cannot be convened.”

Unions and members of the FRU will have to be notified of the new AGM date by a new Board of Trustees in due course, and the AGM planned for tomorrow has been deferred.