Fiji’s Home Affairs Minister Tikoaduadua pledges support to RFMF


Fiji’s Minister of Home Affairs Pio Tikoduadua, has reassured the Republic of Fiji Military (RFMF) Commander Ro Jone Kalouniwai that he would support the institution within the principles of the rule of law.

He said this during the traditional welcoming ceremony accorded to him at Queen Elizabeth barracks.

Tikoduadua and the RFMF were in a controversial situation earlier this year following the statement of the commander, but the event Thursday marks a new beginning for the military and its line ministry.

“Thank you Commander – thank you for giving Fiji the liberty to have the government it voted for – if not I can’t imagine the outcome of that move. I thank the officers for remaining firm.”

Tikoduadua served as a colonel in the RFMF before entering politics, and he reminded the military that Fiji needs them during this challenging period of transition.

“I’m speaking in relation to the laws and parliamentary democracy and the constitution that binds all of us regardless of our various roles and responsibilities. This means no one is above the law.”

Tikoduadua also assured the Commander that he will support the military’s service both at home and abroad.

Tikoduadua pleaded with the military to uphold the rule of law as Fiji navigates through a challenging period of transition of powers from one administration to another.

“Fiji needs you in this challenging period. I will support the Commander in my capacity as the Minister I will look after him and the welfare of the Military as a whole.”

The military has had close relations in Fiji’s politics since Fiji gained her independence.

He said the stability of the military guarantees the stability of the nation.