PINA welcomes Fijian Government’s review of current Media Laws in Fiji


By Makereta Komai, PACNEWS Editor

President of the Pacific Islands News Association, Kora Nou today warmly welcomed the new Fijian Government’s immediate push to revisit and review the current media laws in Fiji.

“This is a highly commendable undertaking by the new coalition Government of Fiji.

“As the premier umbrella media organisation in the region, we warmly welcome this undertaking by the Fijian Government to review the 2010 Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA) legislation there,” Nou said soon after the PINA Board met with Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for External Trade & Communication, Manoa Kamikamica in Suva this morning.

“We are particularly pleased and actually welcome the commitment from the Coalition Government to restore media freedom in Fiji after 16 years. They have pledged this affirmative action during the first 100 days in office,” he said.

The PINA President said this was important as “a thriving media industry is a prerequisite for an equally thriving democracy.”

PINA President, Kora Nou and the Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji, Manoa Kamikamica.

“This is a cornerstone of why PINA was firstly set up, incidentally in Fiji,” Nou said.

The President informed the Deputy Prime Minister that PINA will work with the Fijian Media Association on its submission on the review of the MIDA Act 2010.

“PINA “stands ready to work with Coalition Government, through the FMA, by providing media and legal support for this review process.

“In doing so, PINA fully support the FMA’s call to repeal the MIDA Act 2010 and allow for media self-regulation through the setting up of a Fiji Media Council to handle complaints and media standards,” the President said.

The PINA Board is in Suva for a series of meetings including a media dialogue with the Pacific Islands Forum and consultation on phase 4 of the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS).