For the second time, SODELPA votes to side with PA/NFP coalition to form next government


For a second time, the Management Board of the Social Democratic Liberal (SODELPA) in Fiji has thrown its support behind the People’s Alliance (PA) and National Federation Party (NFP) to form the majority Party in Parliament and the next government.

It was close 13-12 vote in favour of the PA/NFP coalition – with one invalid vote, announced SODELPA MP and former Party leader Bill Gavoka.

“The outcome of the vote was very close and it came right down to the wire. We ensured everyone that voted were valid and legitimate, said Gavoka.

SODELPA executive Anare Jale told the media this evening that it was difficult decision, which took into account the stability and the interests of the nation.

“That is why it took a long time to ponder over our decision. It was done in a truly democratic way. We voted to partner with PA/NFP coalition to lead Fiji in the next four years,” said Jale.

Photo: Lice Movono

He said the Management Board also issued a directive to its three members on how they will vote for the Speaker and the Prime Minister at the first sitting of Parliament.

The election of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the Prime Minister are amongst the agendas of the first sitting of Parliament which is expected to be summoned by the President

He said the three coalition partners are now working on a coalition agreement in the coming days to consolidate all the proposals from both sides.

“We hope we have something concluded by next Wednesday,” said Jale.