Russ Kun elected Nauru president unopposed


Russ Kun is the newly elected president of Nauru, nominated unopposed in the inaugural sitting of the 24th Parliament, Wednesday.

Marcus Stephen was re-elected as the Speaker of Parliament and former president Lionel Aingimea as Deputy Speaker.

This is the fourth parliamentary elections Kun has contested having first entered politics in the 2013 general elections and was duly elected placing third of the four positions in the Constituency of Ubenide. He was subsequently re-elected in his constituency three more times in the general elections of 2016, 2019 and 2022.

Kun served as the deputy minister for Finance, Nauru Ports, Tourism, and National Heritage and Museum, in the last government under Lionel Aingimea.

As Members of Parliament (MP) can be elected multiple times to the presidency, there have been 41 changes of presidents since 1968. President Kun is the 16th member to be elected to the position.

The President will name his Cabinet soon followed by the swearing-in.

General elections were held over the weekend, Saturday 24 September and vote counting commenced shortly after the polls closed at 6pm the same day.

Vote counting for the 77 candidates from eight constituencies concluded on Monday 26 September, returning all but two members to the new parliament.

Milton Dube from Aiwo was replaced by new member Delvin Thoma and Jesse Jeremiah replaced Tawaki Lyn-Wannan Kam in Menen.

Elected Members of Parliament in the 2022 General Elections held on Saturday, 24 September:

Aiwo – Gadabu, Rennier Stanislaus
Thoma, Delvin Oneil

Anabar – Deiye, Pyon
Eoe, Maverick

Anetan – Ika, Timothy John
Stephen, Marcus

Boe– Appi, Asterio
Hunt, Martin Porky

Buada – Agir, Jason Bingham
Bernicke, Shadlog Armait

Menen – Aingimea, Lionel Rouwen
Menke, Khyde
Jeremiah Jesse

Ubenide– Kun, Russ Joseph
Adeang, David Waiau
Dowiyogo, Wawani Joe-Grant
Aliklik, Reagan Winson

Yaren- Cotty, Charmaine Eraidinomo
Dageago Isabella