Kiribati Government withdraws appeal against David Lambourne


The Kiribati Government has withdrawn its appeal case against the judicial biased judgement of then Chief Justice Hastings in relation to the life-term appointment of David Lambourne as Puisne Judge last week.

A report from the Office of the President said the action was taken in light of a recall and nullification of the original warrant appointing David Lambourne as Puisne Judge in May, 2018 and the subsequent issuance of a new warrant by the president pursuant to Chapter X 138 of the Kiribati Constitution.

The new warrant has now rendered the original appointment of David Lambourne and reiterated that the stated term of office for Mr Lambourne has already been used and exhausted when he served as Puisne Judge from 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2021…PACNEWS