PNG Governor General invites ruling Pangu Pati to form government


Papua New Guinea Governor General Sir Bob Dadae has invited the ruling Pangu Pati to form Government in the 11th Parliament.

Pangu Pati won the highest number of seats in the 2022 National Election with 36 declared so far.

Sir Bob presented the Section 63 Letter to Pangu Pati General-Secretary Morris Tovebae at Government House in Port Moresby.

The Vice Regal said according to Section 63 of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates, Pangu won the highest number of seats in this national election.

The event was witnessed by Leader of PANGU Pati James Marape, his Deputy John Rosso and other members of the coalition.

In his speech, Marape said every political party that took part in this election contested for this 63 letter and its was a fair playing field.

The Pangu-led coalition at Loloata Island Resort has over 82 members with more expected to be declared.

Meanwhile, leaders of the political parties in the last Pangu-led coalition remain firm on their resolve to form government on Tuesday, 09 August 2022, to once more work together for Papua New Guinea for the next five years.

Marape said: “All leaders of coalition parties who are here with me have signed the MOA for a new coalition. With the inclusion of New Generation Party, this brings our coalition to 17 parties. United Resources Party stands as the second biggest with 11 Members.

“We are also embracing some parties that are now coming into the fold as well as more Independent candidates. We are an inclusive government, presently, cultivating what we will do together for our people.

“At the moment, in the physical headcount, we have 82 MPs in our retreat and at present indications from the count that is still going on, our coalition candidates are now leading in 13 of the 14 seats where counting is still going on.

“We are ready to form government; the number is here and there being no split in Pangu or our coalition partners. We are set for the election of Speaker and Prime Minister after all our Members of Parliament are sworn in.”

PM Marape said the team has been in government and will continue the work of the last three years which includes stabilising and growing the Economy, sustainable debt-financing and the installation of key programmes in systems of government – Education, Health, and Law & Order as well as connecting PNG, and unbundling the country’s full economic potential especially in rural PNG.

“We have shown the nation our ability and capability. Despite the ravaging impact of a global hundred-year pandemic, and global tension induced imported inflation, we have kept the nation’s heads above water and survived some of the most trying times in recent history” said the Prime Minister.

“We will not be wasting time. We are hitting the ground running with a care taker cabinet and a full cabinet at the earliest.

“The Government’s full to Do List will be announced on 07 September and a Supplementary Budget will be delivered on 08 September.

“This is the benefit of having a continuing government because we have started the work of reconstructing our country over the last three years and we are looking very much forward to building on this.

“I want to ask one thing of our people. Have faith and trust in Pangu and our coalition partners to complete the work started in the last three years. You have given us your mandate and for that we will not let anyone or any place behind; we will do our best to make our country great,” said PM Marape.