6.2 million PNG voters enrol: Electoral Commissioner Sinai


Papua New Guinea will witness 6.2 million voters taking the polling booths from Saturday, 09 July.

Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai said the updated Common Roll ready and would be available at all Electoral Commission offices across the country.

“While we would like to see the Common Roll to be available online, due to the time constraints all voters can check their names on the boards at all Electoral Commission offices across the country,” he said.

“The voting population has increased within the five years by 750,000.

“The 750,000 are all new voters who have turned 18 within the five years.”

Prime Minister James Marape said: “There will be no voting on Sundays or Sabbath (Saturday).

“For purposes of transparency, we will have Transparency International, National Research Institute and civil society representation in the Elections Planning Committee.”

“We will have separate voting queues for men and women to cast their votes without undue influence, as in the past.

“It is the right of voters to make their choice based on their God-given wisdom – not on inducements, bribery, cash, food, wantok system or hype.

“We will have CCTV used for counting to make the elections fair and friendly for all.

“We will use metal boxes in the Highlands.”

Meanwhile, candidates and their supporters and the public have been warned against instigating fights and engaging in disorderly conduct at nomination sites in Port Moresby today.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu said during the FM 100 Talk Back show that the full force of the law would be out on the road and at four stations where the nominations will be held making sure the election processes is done responsibly.

“I don’t expect people to fight and they must be wary of noise, the public must look after themselves and celebrate responsibly,” he said.

“There will be trucks loaded with people, singsing groups, noise everywhere bringing in their candidates celebrating but it must be done in proper manner and look after yourself.

“Our zone commanders will be working closely with their station commanders to get their men control the crowd, traffic officers will be on the road controlling traffic and our Fox Unit men will be out everywhere.”

He also warned people who wish to stage peaceful protest march regarding previous outstanding payment of service providers in 2017 National General Elections to take it to Electoral Commission Office and not to police.

He said a two-week notice must be written to office of divisional commander’s office for law and order committee approval for such activities…. PACNEWS