New Fijian Drua i-voce revealed


A new Fijian Drua ‘i-voce’ or oar was handed to the team during their official welcoming ceremony at the Fiji Museum in Suva last night.

The oar or paddle is carried by the captain of the team when they run out for any of their Super Rugby Pacific match.

It is also held by the skipper during the team’s i-bole in every home game.

Chief Executive, Brian Thorburn said the new oar which is designed by an artist in Vatukarasa village in Nadroga represents the significance and meaning of the Drua.

“This will be used this Saturday and every match thereafter, whenever we do the ‘i-bole’. The captain takes it out on the field regardless so please accept this with our best wishes and we hope it symbolizes everything that is wonderful about the ‘i-bole’.”

Fiji Rugby Union Chairman Humphrey Tawake was the chief guest of the event.

In a speech, Commodore Tawake said the Drua are on course to success.

“Having followed the progress of the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua in the match last Saturday against the Blues in Melbourne, despite the environmental and logistics challenges at Lennox Head in the past few weeks, I’m optimistic of the Drua’s success this week and in the future.”

The Drua showed the many guests who attended the event the formation of the ‘i-bole’ as it is done on the field in their home game.

The ‘i-bole’ will be done and the ‘i-voce’ will be used in Saturday’s game against the Highlanders at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.