Fiji and other countries facing the impacts of climate change need to be able to access funds to address these challenges.

Fiji’s Permanent representative to the United Nations, Satyendra Prasad said there was a missed opportunity during the COP 26 meeting in Glasgow last year, for countries like Fiji to have access to the US$100 billion climate fund target, which was set in 2020.

“Fiji will continue to make the case of why this minimum of USD$100 billion being available is very important because if we did not have that, then countries like ours are unable to recover. If all countries are unable to recover, then they will be worse off each year.”

He said the climate funds were supposed to be made available from last year until 2023, but this is still yet to be achieved.

Prasad said this was an immediate priority and the Government is working with multilateral organisations and financial institutions in pursuing Fiji’s climate aspirations.

Meanwhile, discussions have been held on how Fiji can further strengthen existing engagements with its United Nations partners.

This was part of the talks between Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Inia Seruiratu and Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Satyendra Prasad.

Prasad paid a courtesy visit to Seruiratu this week. During the meeting, Minister Seruiratu acknowledged the as a key development partner of the Government.

The meeting was also attended by the Fiji NDMO Director, Vasiti Soko and the Honorary Consul of Fiji in Los Angeles, Vinod Karsanj Bhindi.

The two leaders discussed efforts on complementarity and efficiency during pre and post disasters where the Government and UN partners can build on existing structures to strengthen resilience at the community level.

Discussions during the meeting also focused on humanitarian support from UN partners in the aftermath of disasters.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the Minister to update Prasad on the work undertaken by the Ministry, through the NDMO in the areas of disaster preparedness and response.