Time running out as negotiators scramble to finalise the UK COP26 Agreement


By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow

Time is running out for COP26 negotiators to finalise an agreement as the climate change meeting wraps up Friday in Glasgow.

COP26 President Alok Sharma said there is still a lot more work to be done.

“And COP26 is scheduled to close at the end of tomorrow. So time is running out.

“As I speak, my Ministerial co-facilitators, other Ministers and negotiators are rolling up their sleeves and working hard to find solutions to some of the most intractable issues.

“Solutions which have so far evaded us for six years,” Sharma said in a press conference as he updated the state of play on the current negotiation.

He said detailed discussions have continued across a whole range of issues over the past 24 hours.

“A tranche of draft decision texts was published early this morning.

“These include draft texts on Adaptation; on Loss and Damage; on Finance; on the Enhanced Transparency Framework and Article 6.

“I am pleased to say that we concluded the discussions on the Global Goal on Adaptation, confirming the forward work programme, and I hope that this will be adopted,” said COP26 President.

He said the text was also finalised on Response Measures and on the Santiago Network.

“Now whilst we have made progress, and I want to acknowledge the spirit of cooperation and civility that’s been demonstrated throughout the negotiations, by negotiators and Ministers, we are not there yet on the most critical issues.

“I’ll be holding meetings later today with all parties to find ways forward on matters specifically related to Finance and Article 6.

“As I noted at the Plenary, negotiations on finance really need to accelerate. And they need to accelerate now” Sharma emphasised.

He said a further iteration of texts, across a range of issues, will be issued overnight.

“Having engaged extensively with parties over the past year, and at COP, I know everyone understands what is at stake for the future of our planet here in Glasgow.

“We still have a monumental challenge ahead of us. Collectively we have no choice but to rise to that challenge.

“And strain every sinew to achieve a timely outcome that we can all be proud of, because ultimately this outcome, whatever it is, will belong to all of us,” he stressed.