By Pita Ligaiula in Glasgow

Despite the fallout, between members of the Micronesian sub region of the Pacific Islands Forum, it seems the region is committed to work in unison in the fight against the impact of climate change at the COP26 meeting underway in Glasgow.

Samoan Permanent representative to the United Nations and Chair of Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) Dr Fatumanava Pa’olelei Luteru told a virtual media space last night that the Pacific is working in solidarity to have their issues heard.

Ambassador Luteru said Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr from the Micronesia sub region is in Glasgow advocating on behalf of PSIDS.

“Absolutely I think your President (Palau) has been the flag bearer in terms of our PSIDS.  He has graciously agreed to speak on behalf of the PSIDS in the absence of my Prime Minister. I think the message that he has deliver is very much consistent with the views of Pacific SIDS.

“I think the other politics in my humble view has not really dampen the enthusiasm and the commitment of our PSIDS group in terms of continuing the work of advocating and pushing for issues that are critical and at the centre of our concern with the climate change, whether it’s in climate finance, oceans etc … I know that’s a sensitive issue and that is the honest view I can give,” Ambassador Luteru told Pacific media.

He said although the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the region representation at COP26, it’s not diminishing their ability to advocate and elevate Pacific plight.

“I seriously think that those that are able to come are doing a marvellous job in a very difficult situation. It’s not dismissing the ability of those who are here to advocate and elevate our image at COP26,” said Ambassador Luteru.

He said the main priority for the Pacific is to see the 1.5 degrees is kept alive.

“We need to stay with the 1.5 degrees, if we let go of that it’s very difficult to turn it around. It’s difficult to say any one issue because they are all interconnected…. when you look at 1.5, emission, ocean acidification etc… if you go to the heart of it it’s the 1.5. The warming I think something I don’t think we can’t afford unless we work on all front we are not going to be successful in fighting this,” said Luteru.

Ambassador Luteru will be providing key insights and updates throughout the COP26.