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Navigating distractions, urgent push for Climate finance and mitigation ambition: Former Palau Ambassador

By Pita Ligaiula at COP28 in Dubai, UAE As COP28 nears conclusion, former Palau Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Olai Uludong, stresses...

Differing Views on Increasing Observer Presence on Longline Fishing Boats Discussed at Western and...

By Elenoa Dimaira There have been contrasting opinions regarding the need to enhance the presence of observers on longline fishing boats at the 20th meeting...

Fossil fuel phase-out, finance and red lines dominate closing COP28 negotiations

By Pita Ligaiula at COP28 in Dubai, UAE As the conclusion of COP28 in Dubai draws near, Wayne King, the chief climate negotiator for the...