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Wale files Motion of no confidence against PM Sogavare

Solomon Islands leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale has announced that he is filing a notice of a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Wale said, he still does not have the numbers for such a motion to pass, after only three resignations from Sogavare’s government so far. The confirmed resignations are Member for West New Georgia/Vona...

More Australian police join Solomon Islands peacekeeping mission after charred bodies found

NSW Police officers are being deployed to the Solomon Islands to support Australian peacekeepers after a request from the Australian Federal Government. The contingent of 15 officers is expected to leave for the violence-torn capital Honiara this week. “The operation ... will provide assistance to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to support order and stability and provide humanitarian assistance to...

WTO: General Council decides to postpone MC12 indefinitely

The WTO's General Council agreed late Friday (26 November) to postpone the imminent Ministerial Conference after an outbreak of a particularly transmissible strain of the COVID-19 virus led several governments to impose travel restrictions that would have prevented many ministers from reaching Geneva. The 12th Ministerial Conference (MC12) was due to start on 30 November and run until 03 December,...

CBSI estimates $227 million minimum loss to the local economy due to the unrest

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has conducted an initial impact assessment over the damage to the economy caused by the recent unrest and riots in Honiara since Wednesday. The findings have revealed that the loss to the local economy is estimated to be around $227 million (US$28 million) at a minimum. Domestic economic activity, including employment, was significantly impacted...

Australia’s early intervention can help Solomon Islands but the roots of the conflict run deep

By Mihai Sora Honiara has awoken to a calmer scene but tension lingers as quelling the violent protests has not resolved their underlying causes Unresolved tensions and geopolitical pressures are a volatile mix in Solomon Islands. What began as a peaceful protest calling for the resignation of prime minister Manasseh Sogavare on Wednesday quickly descended into unrest as the crowd of about...

Solomons’ Opposition Leader rejects accusations he incited unrest

Solomon Islands' Opposition Leader says he "categorically rejects" claims that he incited or is responsible for the unrest in the capital Honiara. Matthew Wale is calling for the Prime Minister Manessah Sogavare to resign but denies the PM's accusation that he encouraged people to disturb Parliament. Speaking to the ABC, Sogavare dismissed other grievances protesters held about his government, insisting the...

UN shipping body considers zero emissions goal, defers decision to 2023

Countries are open to strengthening a global climate goal for shipping, but not before a planned review of the strategy in 2023. That was the upshot of talks in the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) environment committee on Monday and Tuesday. There was no consensus behind a specific proposal by three Pacific island nations – the Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands and Kiribati...

Honiara as the smoke subsides

The riots in Solomon Islands this week follow a pattern of past unrest – yet with important symbolic differences, too. By Anouk Ride This morning the 36-hour lockdown imposed after rioting struck Honiara in Solomon Islands has lifted. The scene is a sorry one, buildings burned, debris on the main road, shops looted and exhausted police making way to work with...

PNG Government to deploy PNGDF to Solomon Islands

Papua New Guinea Government negotiations are taking place to deploy Defence Force and police personnel to the Solomon Islands. The Office of Prime Minister James Marape confirmed with NBC News that Mar ape received the request from Sogavare for PNG to send assistance to maintain law and order in Honiara. The Office of the Police Minister also told NBC News last...

Pray for Solomon Islands: Rabuka

People Alliance Party Leader, former Prime Minister and peace envoy to the Pacific Sitiveni Rabuka is urging all Fijians to pray for the people in the Solomon Islands as the country is going through a turmoil. Rabuka in a press conference today said he is not speaking on behalf of the Government or opposition political parties but as a former...

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