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Agent Orange study on Guam civilian population expected to move forward

Efforts to seek compensation for victims of Agent Orange in Guam inched closer to reality, while a similar attempt for Guam residents who were exposed to radiation from U.S nuclear tests in the late 1940s is not yet totally off the table, said Delegate James Moylan In his congressional address before the 37th Guam Legislature on Monday, Moylan reported that...

Tiny Niue wants the power to build tourism

At a reception marking the 50th anniversary of Niue's self-governance, the premier of the tiny Pacific country offered an off-hand and off-script confession. “"I think it's the first time I've ever been busy as premier of Niue,” Dalton Tagelagi said. A procession of leaders from New Zealand and beyond have arrived on the postcard-perfect coral island through 2024. Last week, it was...

Tonga’s first Anti-Corruption Commissioner sworn into office

Tonga's first Anti-Corruption Commissioner, a New Zealander, Chris LaHatte, was sworn into office before the Tonga Cabinet on Friday 05 July 2024. LaHatte, a lawyer from Wellington, was appointed by the King in Privy Council on 28 March this year. In announcing the establishment of the Office of the Anti-Corruption Commissioner, the Tonga Government stated that it was a significant milestone...

French election: newcomers in New Caledonia, French Polynesia

The French general election in the Pacific on the weekend has produced new MPs in New Caledonia and French Polynesia, but in opposite directions. In New Caledonia, one of the two seats is now held by a pro-independence candidate, signalling a potential setback for the pro-French (loyalists) camp, while in French Polynesia, the pro-independence party (Tavini Huiraatira) has lost in...

Vanuatu, Solomon Islands PMs’ visits to China expected to boost cooperation

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday that the prime ministers of the Republic of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands will pay official visits to China. Chinese experts anticipate that the visits will further strengthen the relations between China and the Pacific island countries to a higher level, as there is still great potential for further cooperation. At the invitation...

PNG minister Maladina steps down after woman’s alleged assault in Bondi

One of Papua New Guinea’s most senior ministers have stepped down from his post after being arrested for the alleged assault of a 31-year-old woman in Bondi. Jimmy Maladina, who was the country’s Minister for Petroleum, was charged with domestic assault on Saturday after police were called to an Imperial Avenue home at 10am after reports of a domestic dispute....

50 years on, Niue and NZ look to the future

A half-century after pursuing self-government, Niue can count on New Zealand’s steadfast partnership and support, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says. “New Zealand and Niue share a unique bond, forged over 50 years of free association,” Peters said. “We are looking forward to working together to continue advancing Niue’s human and economic development.” Peters, who also attended Niue’s 25th anniversary of self-government...

Australians frozen out of Kiribati as China eyes prize

Australian officials are being given the cold shoulder in Kiribati amid concerns the atoll nation’s president is being courted by China. Visa applications have dragged on or been denied while work on a treaty with Kiribati – which should have been finalised a year ago – was indefinitely put on ice, a senior foreign affairs department official confirmed to AAP. While...

Lightspeed Fiji announced as Starlink authorised reseller

Lightspeed Pte Ltd (Fiji), with offices in Port Moresby, Honiara, Brisbane, and Auckland, has been confirmed as a Starlink Authorised Reseller for Fiji. With Starlink’s recent approval by the Government of Fiji to provide services in Fiji, Lightspeed has been approved by Starlink as its first Authorized Reseller in Fiji. The agreement provides the same Reseller status to Lightspeed for its...

Superannuation is sitting in Australia as PALM workers report barriers, delays in claiming their money

Tevita Kofutu'a has plans for the $10,000 in superannuation he earned over five years of seasonal work in Australia. He'll use it to buy a vehicle and pay a deposit on some land in Tonga where he and his wife Fine want to raise a family. But nearly 10 months after he returned home, he's still waiting for the money. Kofutu'a said...

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