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15/03/2018 - New Zealand cools on climate refugee plan
15/03/2018 - 49th Pacific Islands Forum and related meetings dates confirmed
15/03/2018 - Kiribati, Solomon Islands on track to graduate from UN list of least developed countries
15/03/2018 - One dead in latest New Caledonia dengue outbreak
15/03/2018 - PNG earthquake: death toll rises to 145 as disease threat grows
14/03/2018 - Special sitting of PNG parliament planned to discuss quake bill
14/03/2018 - NZ Transport Accident Investigators travel to Kiribati
14/03/2018 - Fiji Times case: Judge needs more time
14/03/2018 - Norfolk Islanders go to UN to fight Australia over right to self-govern
14/03/2018 - Fiji's support of Indonesia's MSG membership is now a subject of Twiplomacy
14/03/2018 - National Determined Contributions are commitments says Fiji, NDC hub a regional alliance
14/03/2018 - At least 70 cases of dengue in Tonga
14/03/2018 - PNG quake death toll rises to 125
14/03/2018 - Tonga's parliament set to close with a number of unresolved issues
14/03/2018 - Fiji Rescue Coordination Centre to be established
13/03/2018 - Fiji commends the prudent management style of MSG director general, saving the organisation
13/03/2018 - PNG withdraws candidate for FFA top job, MSG support Vanuatu’s Moses Amos
13/03/2018 - French PM warns of New Caledonia referendum risk
13/03/2018 - Australia to work with PNG to address climate change issues
13/03/2018 - Brexit benefits for Samoa
13/03/2018 - Two more deaths confirmed in Vanuatu fron Cyclone Hola
13/03/2018 - Vanuatu Opposition: Change MSG to Melanesian Economic Forum
13/03/2018 - Tonga Government meets with AG to improve relationship
13/03/2018 - Fiji Green bond query
13/03/2018 - Indonesian President Joko Widodo to visit NZ
13/03/2018 - “I’m getting old,” PM Tuilaepa says
13/03/2018 - Veteran Fiji journalist Rounds joins NFP
13/03/2018 - APEC will go ahead
13/03/2018 - NZ needs to up climate change effort - Shaw
13/03/2018 - Australian doctors to be flown into PNG's earthquake affected areas, NZ continues support
13/03/2018 - EU removes Marshalls from tax haven blacklist
13/03/2018 - PNG earthquake relief funds rises above K105m
13/03/2018 - Palau's PSS Remeliik rescues 15 Filipino fishermen
12/03/2018 - Flooding a risk in PNG earthquake affected areas
12/03/2018 - No more extension of Visitors permit for expatriates: Fiji Immigration
12/03/2018 - Tonga Cabinet approves cyclone recovery fund
12/03/2018 - Climate vulnerability assessment, Pacific’s approach to climate change
12/03/2018 - Destruction of reefs could wipe out Pacific countries
12/03/2018 - Sogavare queries MSG brotherhood, MP Wale says Fiji’s interest is money and their heart is not Melanesian
12/03/2018 - Prioritising aid a challenge in post-cyclone Vanuatu
12/03/2018 - Three villages wiped out in PNG earthquake
12/03/2018 - Tonga extends State of Emergency following Cyclone Gita
12/03/2018 - Tonga Government believes Police Commissioner is not fit to continue on his post
11/03/2018 - UN moves towards recognising human right to a healthy environment
11/03/2018 - New 'global mindset' required to tackle climate change
11/03/2018 - 120 tonnes of food delivered to earthquake-affected areas: O’Neill
11/03/2018 - Aerial survey reveals widespread crop damage in Vanuatu
11/03/2018 - Red Cross chief to visit Marshall Islands
11/03/2018 - Samoa Electoral processes to go electronic in 2021
11/03/2018 - Frightening reality in PNG earthquake area
11/03/2018 - Communication down in cyclone affected areas in Vanuatu
11/03/2018 - PNG Speaker put on notice to recall Parliament
11/03/2018 - At least 143,000 affected in PNG earhquake: Red Cross
11/03/2018 - Cook Islands graduation to developed status main issue: NZ PM Ardern
11/03/2018 - Royal tipped to become Minister in PM Pōhiva’s cabinet
11/03/2018 - Climate change to be discussed at Commonwealth meeting
11/03/2018 - Big Ebeye water, power revamp hits snag in Marshall Islands
08/03/2018 - New Caledonia goes to highest alert ahead of Hola
08/03/2018 - Tonga Family Protection Legal Aid Centre opens on 12 March 2018
08/03/2018 - One killed and two injured by Hola in Vanuatu
08/03/2018 - Papua New Guinea landslides triggered by 6.8 magnitude earthquake
08/03/2018 - Nothing will change, says new NZ PM
08/03/2018 - Armed Forces threatens action over weapon import claims, but Police Minister describes threat as is ‘imprudent’
08/03/2018 - Allegation against Police commissioner by Tapueluelu untrue, says AG
08/03/2018 - Magnitude 7.1 quake strikes east of Papua New Guinea Island
08/03/2018 - Australia government to probe earthquake in PNG
08/03/2018 - Papua New Guinea earthquake: anger grows among 'forgotten victims'
08/03/2018 - Baby gifts for charmed NZ PM in Cook Islands
08/03/2018 - Sea boundaries treaty by Australia and Timor-Leste ‘example to follow’ – UN chief
08/03/2018 - Women secured more parliament seats in 2014 Election: Fiji Women Minister
08/03/2018 - Bones discovered on a Pacific island in Kiribati 'belong to Amelia Earhart'
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