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Proposed Anti-Corruption bill in Solomon Island considers giving or accepting gifts under customary practices as a defence against corruption
By Online Editor
8:45 pm GMT+12, 19/07/2018, Solomon Islands
Acknowledging that some will view this provision as an ‘escape route’ for corruption offenders Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela argued this departure from the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) must be taken in the context of the island nation’s customary practices…
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Indonesia appreciates Micronesia`s commitment to respect its territorial integrity
Indonesian President Joko Widodo highly appreciated the consistency and commitment of the gove
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China ‘forces airline out of business’ as Palau maintains links with Taiwan
Taiwan has stepped in to help its ally Palau attract more tourists after an airline from the M
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US claims better development finance terms than China
The head of the US government's development finance arm says his country offers better ter
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No change after Mauke recount in Cook Islands election
There is no change in the result of the Mauke electorate following a recount of votes cast in
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Australia is wrong, we are friends to the Pacific says China
China has said Australian politicians are “wrong” to fear its investments in the P
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Anti corruption bill in Solomon Islands broad base : PM Hou
Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Rick Hou, has tabled the ‘Anti-Corruption Bill 2017&rsqu
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ABG to beef up police capacity to counter terror activities
The President of the Autonomous Bougainville Government John Momis says the Bougainville polic
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Tonga lags on plastic bag ban as SPREP warns Islands cannot be complacent about pollution
Eight million tonnes of plastic are added to the Pacific each year, but Tonga has still not jo
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Autonomy seen as answer to urban drift in PNG
Papua New Guinea Inter-government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu says that granting greater au
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PNG Government clears air on B’ville funds
The Papua New Guinea Government has refuted claims that a cheque has bounced after it was pres
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18/07/2018 - Criminalise people trafficking in Fiji – U.S report
18/07/2018 - U.S. Ambassador touts plastic ban in Samoa ‘forward thinking”
18/07/2018 - Bougainville says PNG must up its effort over vote preparation
18/07/2018 - Anti corruption fight must be comprehensive and persistent: PM Houenipwela
18/07/2018 - “Life depends on Climate, Biodiversity inextricable link; Let’s defend it”
18/07/2018 - International Criminal Court commends Fiji's leadership position in the region
18/07/2018 - Diabetes leading cause of kidney failures in Fiji
18/07/2018 - Set up infrastructure fund for Pacific Islands to counter China influence, Penny Wong says
18/07/2018 - Tonga to repay Chinese loan in the wake of its Reserve Bank warning
18/07/2018 - Count shows more votes than voters in Cook Islands
18/07/2018 - Petitioners allege bribery in recent Cook Islands election
18/07/2018 - Church: DSIP, PSIP funds encourage corruption and must be abolished
17/07/2018 - Tongans still waiting for cyclone relief
17/07/2018 - Fiji Methodist Church Ministers want to contest election need to resign: President Vakadewavosa
17/07/2018 - Former Vanuatu MPs bailed from jail
17/07/2018 - Vote recount tomorrow in Cook Islands
17/07/2018 - Papuan Liberation Movement wants dialogue
17/07/2018 - ULMWP opens offices in West Papua
17/07/2018 - Chinese MOFA disputes 'meddling' in South Pacific
17/07/2018 - PNG government is proceeding with cancellation of Indonesian fugitive passport, says PM O'Neill
17/07/2018 - FijiFirst party maintains it will not involve church leaders in politics
17/07/2018 - French government participant in New Caledonia referendum process - Philippe
17/07/2018 - U.S., Vanuatu share medical and disaster response expertise during PAC ANGEL 18- 3
16/07/2018 - Non-communicable diseases leading causes of death in Asia-Pacific region: ADB
16/07/2018 - Fiji PM Bainimarama confirms his attendance to the APEC
16/07/2018 - PNG should not be fooled about APEC, says Morauta
16/07/2018 - Wolbachia mosquitoes to eliminate mosquito borne diseases in Fiji
16/07/2018 - NZ's new military planes get search and rescue 'thumbs up'
16/07/2018 - Majuro TB screening in high gear
16/07/2018 - Mass Polio vaccination campaign launched in PNG
16/07/2018 - Another PNG MP join government in a week
16/07/2018 - Two dead in ocean helicopter crash
16/07/2018 - FijiFirst party to interview new applicants
15/07/2018 - Former PNG PM says APEC isn’t what it seems
15/07/2018 - Some sitting Fiji First MP’s apply to contest in 2018 elections
15/07/2018 - Samoa, PNG get the nod to represent the Pacific in Post Cotonou negotiation
15/07/2018 - NZ's increased Pacific aid given focus
15/07/2018 - Solomon Islands PM says drug shortage due to poor communication problem
15/07/2018 - MP Kramer on PNG newspaper boycott
15/07/2018 - Solomon Islands PM confident with cable deal
15/07/2018 - Tonga asks Pacific countries to soften up on bio-security and import tarrifs
15/07/2018 - Fiji needs geo scientists to monitor cyclones and climate change
15/07/2018 - Fiji takes over chair of UN Disaster risk reduction support group
15/07/2018 - We are in good shape: Rabuka
15/07/2018 - New Caledonia Labour Party opts out of independence referendum
12/07/2018 - PM O’Neill signs autonomy documents for Ireland, East New Britain and Enga
12/07/2018 - Samoa’s bid to ratify PACER PLUS trade deal on track
12/07/2018 - PNG Population growth rate too high, says Temu
12/07/2018 - Cook Islands committed to quality health
12/07/2018 - Tonga to repay Chinese loan this year
12/07/2018 - Biketawa Plus promises broader Pacific co-operation
12/07/2018 - Former Vanuatu deputy pm appeal decision soon
12/07/2018 - Post mortem on two dead babies completed, NZ to assist investigation into MMR vaccine
12/07/2018 - New Zealand says China's rise in the Pacific threatens national security
12/07/2018 - Fiji accedes to port state measures to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU
12/07/2018 - Samoa Police Commissioner Keil reappointed
12/07/2018 - PNG Government has no power to grant autonomy, says Ling-Stuckey
12/07/2018 - Court orders Nauru refugee and son, both ill, to be flown to Australia
12/07/2018 - Plastic bag usage in Fiji should be banned: Karavaki
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