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Cook Islands PM looks forward to working with new NZ foreign minister
By Online Editor
11:09 pm GMT+12, 25/04/2017, New Zealand
“I was very impressed with McCully's own personal involvement in the project because he made sure that through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they were very much involved in ensuring that the project was delivered in a timely manner, but also that there was strict accountability to…
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MIDA has never been cited: Fiji AG
Fiji’s Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA) has never been cited for mismanagemen
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Fiji to take its PACER Plus concerns to Australian PM
 Fiji maintains it will continue to seek clarification for two controversial provisions o
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Political will and commitment needed to address energy and transport challenges in Pacific
By Pita Ligaiula in Nuku’alofa, Tonga   C
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Fiji seasonal workers reaping benefits for unskilled work in Australia and NZ
Fiji’s Minister for Employment Opportunities has informed Parliament of the benefits uns
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Conspiracy Retrial for 10 former Vanuatu MPs
The Vanuatu Public Prosecutor has filed information for a retrial of the infamous conspiracy c
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Donald Trump to meet Malcolm Turnbull for first time next week in New York
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will meet US President Donald Trump on board an air
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New Caledonia counts down to independence vote
More than 160 years after the Pacific territory was claimed by the French, New Caledonians wil
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iTaukei’s are not victimised: Fiji PM
Fijian Prime Minister and the Minister for iTaukei Affairs, Voreqe Bainimarama, says the iTauk
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Sir Mekere nominates as independent candidate
Former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta nominated Tuesday as an independent
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NZ's McCully 'wasted money' in Pacific - aid researcher
An aid researcher and former official says New Zealand's outgoing foreign minister is leav
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Australian Governor-General lauds WWII heroes in PNG
Australian Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove is leading Anzac Day commemorations in Papua Ne
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Marshall Islands pushing for less dependent on fossil fuel
By Pita Ligaiula in Nuku'alofa, Tonga   The dependence on fo
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Fiji PM upsets church
The Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma is “very disappointed” by the comments mad
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Fiji Military focuses on Humanitarian assistance and disaster response plan
The Republic of the Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) is embarking on a Humanitarian Assistance and
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Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation General Manager challenges suspension
The suspension of the General manager and Financial Controller of the Vanuatu Broadcasting and
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New Zealand picks new foreign minister in pre-election cabinet reshuffle
New Zealand is to have a new foreign minister from next month to replace the long-serving Murr
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Fiji push for gender equality in Maritime sector
By Pita Ligaiula in Nuku’alofa, Tonga   F
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Sub-standard appliances warning for Pacific
By Iliesa Tora in Nuku’alofa in Tonga Most of
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Nearly half contesting Niue's common roll seats are women
Nearly half of those hoping to run for common roll seats in Niue's election next month are
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High rates of abstention in French Pacific territories
The French Pacific territories had some of the highest rates of abstention in Monday's pre
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Giant iguana found on Fiji's Northern Island threatens vegetation
Bio-Security Authority of Fiji (BAF) officers have been aware of the Giant Invasive Iguana in
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Fijian sailor heading home on NZ Navy ship
A special homecoming awaits Ensign Michael Brown, from the Republic of Fiji Navy (RFN).
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23/04/2017 - French Pacific opts for Fillon in presidential race
23/04/2017 - Macron, Le Pen to face off in battle for French presidency
23/04/2017 - No review process under 2013 Constitution: Fiji PM Bainimarama
23/04/2017 - O'Neil told seat is safe no need to campaign
23/04/2017 - Honiara Mayor calls for reintroduction of death penalty
23/04/2017 - About 1000 candidates nominated so far for PNG election
23/04/2017 - Fiji AG calls for focus on climate change adaptation at High level carbon pricing assembly
23/04/2017 - Samoa a gateway for drugs to bigger countries : Police Commissioner
23/04/2017 - U-Bloc reaffirms allegiance to Vanuatu Government
23/04/2017 - Fiji, US team up on climate
23/04/2017 - Australian Governor General to honour fallen in PNG
23/04/2017 - Three die in French Polynesia diving accident
23/04/2017 - US ship helps to map Cook Islands deep ocean
23/04/2017 - China aid could destabilise Pacific
23/04/2017 - Focus on New Caledonia decolonisation as Pacific territory casts their votes
23/04/2017 - NZDF to help patrol Fiji’s waters
23/04/2017 - Fiji Navy vessels to undergo repair in Australia
23/04/2017 - 'Change' approach needed in Fiji's political environment
23/04/2017 - Macron-Le Pen through to run-off, projections say
23/04/2017 - Former Vanuatu MP asks for forgiveness from chief, family and community
23/04/2017 - Pence says United States will honor refugee deal with Australia
20/04/2017 - 4000 intend to contest PNG election, Four million voters expected
20/04/2017 - Conclusion of trade talks lacking Pacific development at its heart
20/04/2017 - PACER Plus Pacific trade deal has fishhooks
20/04/2017 - Fiji and PNG opt out as PACER Plus trade deal reached
20/04/2017 - International observers keen to participate in PNG elections
20/04/2017 - Fijian PM holds talks with China's top climate change negotiator
20/04/2017 - UN against seabed mine in PNG
20/04/2017 - O'Neill announces PNC candidates
20/04/2017 - Former Nauru MPs charged over protest fight to halt controversial trial
20/04/2017 - PNG development funds in provinces and districts stopped
19/04/2017 - Writs of Election issued in PNG
19/04/2017 - Blue boats crew fined $800 each in Solomon Islands
19/04/2017 - Fiji Armed forces happy with NZ Naval ship to counter illegal fishing
19/04/2017 - Three seats challenged after Wallis election
19/04/2017 - General Assembly confirms appointment of Achim Steiner as new UN development chief
19/04/2017 - Two former Vanuatu MPs Vohor, Kalsakau to be released on parole Friday
19/04/2017 - PNG MPs stripped off powers as of today, Caretaker government to be announced
19/04/2017 - Impact of climate change in Samoa “evidences a breakdown in our guardianship”
19/04/2017 - New Zealand toughens requirements for skilled immigrants
19/04/2017 - British Parliament backs May's June 8 snap election.
19/04/2017 - Most PNG MPs confident of retaining their seat in June election
19/04/2017 - Key government agencies assured that PNG is set to kick start the national elections
19/04/2017 - One Fiji Party de-registered
19/04/2017 - SPTO Board member secures top UN Position
19/04/2017 - One new case of typhoid in Tonga outbreak
19/04/2017 - Samoa highlights strides in gender equality at UN meet
18/04/2017 - Pacific vulnerable to emerging diseases
18/04/2017 - Former Nauru MPs seek to subpoena Adeang
18/04/2017 - PNA focuses on organisational strengthening, reviewing fishery initiatives
18/04/2017 - PNG Fisheries Industry Association against ban on high seas bunkering
18/04/2017 - US Marines take part in training for general election, APEC
18/04/2017 - U.S. Marines arrive in Darwin for Australia, China exercises
18/04/2017 - 45 political parties to contest PNG election
18/04/2017 - Court orders recommendation of Nalpini as Vanuatu Police Commissioner
18/04/2017 - Sir Michael asked PNG voters to vote wisely during election
18/04/2017 - Straight talking to Cook Islands Democrats
18/04/2017 - Fiji 'has obesity woes'
18/04/2017 - New book aims to get Pacific voices in mainstream
18/04/2017 - Kiribati Opposition MP defected to government
18/04/2017 - NFP strongly defends inclusion of former FijiFirst Minister, Will never support a coup
18/04/2017 - Woman in New Caledonia dies of dengue
18/04/2017 - Final preparations underway for UN Ocean’s Conference
18/04/2017 - UK PM Theresa May calls for an early June 8 election
18/04/2017 - Government deplores ‘cold-blooded’ murder of naturalised Solomon Islands citizens
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