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Fijiís COVID19 confirmed cases reached double digit, with five new cases confirmed Saturday
03:55 am GMT+12, 04/04/2020, Fiji

Fiji’s confirmed COVID19 case has reached double digit, with five new cases recorded on Saturday – taking the nation’s total to 12.
And Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is warning the people of Fiji if they continue to disobey restrictions now in place, Government will be forced to impose a 24 hour nationwide curfew next week.
“This level of lawlessness is irresponsible, un-Fijian and just plain stupid. We are at war with the most devastating global pandemic in 100 years and any disobedience in our ranks will cost us lives. 
“We don’t care who you are, rules are rules. Break them, and you will be found and punished. It doesn’t matter how famous you are, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, it doesn’t even matter how religious you feel you are, no one has the magic cure to coronavirus, and no one is immune to our laws, Bainimarama spelt out in his address to the nation Saturday afternoon.
The five new cases – two from Labasa, on the other main island of Vanua Levu, and one each in Suva, Lautoka and Nadi, were confirmed Saturday.
The two cases in Labasa are related to the two confirmed cases in Suva on Thursday.  The Fijian PM said the Labasa grandfather, who recently returned from a religious gathering in India did not put himself in self-quarantine on his return but travelled to Suva and stayed with his son and daughter- in-law before returning to Labasa. His son and daughter in law are now at the Navua isolation unit, while their 11 year old daughter who was also in isolation was today also confirmed.
“Following his arrival in Soasoa, this gentleman, his daughter-in-law, and his grandson were all taken into isolation and tested. We tested all three –– and two of them, including the father–– tested positive. We are currently doing a second-round test on the daughter-in-law and grandson to confirm their results. In the meantime, all three family members remain in isolation at Labasa Hospital where they are in stable condition. 
“That is also why we are going to lock down a 240-square-metre portion of Soasoa area on Vanua Levu –– where the contact tracing for the first case in the North is underway. The surrounding homes, and neighbours he came into contact with, will be under this contained area. If it’s determined that the spread has risked going beyond these boundaries, we will expand them accordingly.”
In the Lautoka confined area, the 39-year-old sister of case number five, developed symptoms after she was already placed in quarantine within Natabua School. She alerted the Ministry of Health and was tested and confirmed as positive this morning.
“She has since been isolated at Lautoka Hospital where she remains in stable condition. 
PM Bainimarama said a new case was recorded in Nadi, unrelated to any of other patients. 
“This has many similarities to our first case in Nadera, Suva, where the gentleman who immediately entered self-quarantine upon arriving back from abroad –– a responsible move that has, so far, resulted in no additional cases. This new case in Nadi is a 20-year-old woman who also entered self-quarantine immediately after returning to Fiji from Auckland, New Zealand.” 
“That means in total, we’ve confirmed five new cases of the coronavirus overnight. This is our single largest jump in cases in a day. Week over week, our new case numbers have doubled, said Bainimarama.
Last night, the Fijian Police arrested another 123 individuals for violating curfew –– up from 60 the day before. The new curfew hours was moved to 10pm to 8pm to 5am from Friday night.
In addition to those breaking the restrictions, two Fijian rugby players returning from overseas o broke compulsory quarantine after returning home.
“Like every other person disembarking from international flights, they were required to self-quarantine for 14 days. But they violated the directives, and put their loved ones –– and all of Fiji –– at risk. 
“One of them was coming in from Singapore and had a high-risk of exposure to the virus while overseas. After reports he was breaking quarantine, he was actually brought into the hospital in Sigatoka –– and then he bolted and disappeared, forcing our police officers to track him down. Unlucky for him, he couldn’t step his way past our Fiji Police Force. He’s been arrested, and he is now securely in isolation at Nadi Hospital.”
Last night, in violation of curfew and our rules against inter-island passenger travel, we received another report of a mother who took her family on a fibre glass boat and shipped herself to Wakaya Island. The police are investigating this alleged breach as well.
“These few bad examples hang a dark shadow over much of the good work being done all throughout the country. A few irresponsible actors shouldn’t take away from the many more who are following the rules, or the long hours being put in by our frontline workers who are combatting COVID-19, said the Fijian leader.
In Lautoka, over 30,000 Fijians have been screened for fevers through temperature checks and in-person outreach. 
“I thank the people of the Lautoka confined area for stepping up. In my eyes, every Fijian who gets themselves screened on the streets or tested at a fever clinic is a true patriot.” 
“We cannot win this war alone.  We need you –– every person watching or listening, and every person in your lives –– to take responsibility for our nationwide response.”
The Fijian Prime Minister clearly frustrated by the people not following the restrictions in place, warned that the military and police may be mobilised next week to force people to stay indoors.


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